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Enviropeel has been protecting conveyor bearings since its introduction in the late 1990s. The increase in lifespan of bearings on conveyor systems has been remarkable

An average of 500 percent, with up to a 1000 percent increase in bearing lifespan compared with unprotected equipment in heavily contaminated environments.

First used in Australia on salt and mineral ore conveyors, it has more recently been introduced in North America in mining and manufacturing. Wherever it is used the story is the same: dramatic reductions in bearing change outs, increases in overall equipment lifespans, reductions in safety incidents, significantly reduced costs and increased productivity.

Applications of Enviropeel across the globe show remarkable savings; one showing annual costs falling from $153,000 to $40,000, with bearing changeout frequencies reduced by 75% and another saving $240,000 in their first year.

With just one application, Enviropeel stops corrosion in the casing and prevents the ingress of contaminants into the bearing. Bearings protected 12 years ago are still in use today despite conditions that routinely caused failures within 9 months on unprotected bearings.

Because Enviropeel can be applied around the entire bearing assembly and even on to the rotating shaft, its ability to prevent problems developing within the bearing is unsurpassed by any other system. Enviropeel is applied using specially-designed equipment and is suitable for bearings of any size.

Enviropeel protection diagram
Never underestimate the potential for bearing damage from water ingress

Research shows it can take less than 0.05% water contamination to substantially shorten the service life of roller bearings. In fact, water's destructive effects on bearings can exceed that of particle contamination, with the most severe damage coming from a chain reaction of potential problems:

  • Water ingress causing premature oxidation of the base oil.

  • Oxides combining with water to form a corrosive acidic fluid environment.

  • Oxidation creating sludge and increasing oil viscosity, impeding oil flow and damaging the bearing.

  • The resulting environment can trap air in the oil, exacerbating lubrication problems even further.


The image shows a bearing protected with Enviropeel (in red). Bearings in wash down areas are many more times likely to fail than those that are not subject to high water contamination. Enviropeel prevents this premature failure.

Enviropeel protects bearings from water-jetting damage

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