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Corrosion Protection In Marine Environments

Infrastructure in marine environments is notoriously difficult to protect against the effects of corrosion. If not protected properly, exposed steel in saltwater environments can fail in a matter of weeks. Complex structures, bolted systems, such as flanges and valves, machinery etc., all will corrode without adequate protection. Not only does this hurt profitability and productivity, the safety of assets and protection of lives are a very real concern, especially offshore.

Enviropeel has the unique ability to encapsulate these components, forming a 100% protective shield that not only prevents future damage from corrosion, but also arrests corrosion at the source. Enviropeel is also designed to resist high-levels of exposure to harsh UV rays making it the perfect coating for offshore and marine applications:

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  • Offshore platforms

  • Pipelines

  • Flanges & Valves

  • Deck infrastructure

Enviropeel Offshore

Protection below the water line

Underwater Coating


The Alocit 28 Series is a range of high build, zero VOC coatings with outstanding adhesive and protective qualities even when used in the splash zone or sub-sea. Its long life and ability to succeed in difficult circumstances has made it the coating of choice for protecting challenging substrates such as sweating pipes on refineries in the tropics and dripping wet bridges in northern hemisphere winters.


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