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Protecting idle equipment from corrosion was the first-ever use of Enviropeel back in the mid '90s and continues to be one of our most sought-after applications to this day

There can be many reasons for storing equipment: mothballing, standby and emergency spares as well as parts for the manufacturing process. Enviropeel will protect them all.

First developed to prevent corrosion of stored parts and standby equipment,  Enviropeel is specially designed to provide a totally protective micro-environment within a sprayable, waterproof encapsulating barrier to provide continuous rust prevention through built-in inhibiting oils. Spray application means that the material can be applied to objects of any size, shape or complexity … entire machines or their smallest components.

Mothballing with Enviropeel

Stored or mothballed equipment deteriorates faster than when it is in use. Moisture enters the system and is retained through inactivity, moving parts corrode into immobility, seals dry out and machined surfaces become pitted and scarred.

Before using Enviropeel, engineering companies repairing parts and equipment found up to 45% of their repaired and stored machinery needed rework through deterioration in storage, especially large components stored in the open air, despite protection with tape wrap and other systems.

Following the introduction of Enviropeel, wherever machinery was stored, rework requirements were reduced to zero. Machined surfaces stayed good as new, rotating equipment functioned perfectly with nuts and bolts fully serviceable and rust free.

Mothballed roller bearings

Next-level Corrosion Protection


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