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Enviropeel's cutting-edge technology is ideal for preventing and arresting existing corrosion on pipeline flanges and valves

Corrosion is the single largest contributing factor to accidents and failures on American pipelines, with an estimated cost of more than $7 billion every year. In the USA alone, there are more than 350,000 miles of pipeline. 

Pipeline flanges and valves are complex assemblies with a far greater risk of corrosion than the pipes to which they are attached ... although of course, pipelines remain susceptible to corrosion (Alocit can fix that).


Pipe and valve flanges are constructed with multiple components and secured with bolts ... this means that they have corrosion-accelerating properties built-in. Connecting surfaces and voids promote crevice corrosion, differing metals bring galvanic corrosion ... and coating damage (to bolt coatings in particular) during assembly allows corrosion into the system from the very start.

Enviropeel can protect the entire assembly for less than half the cost of traditional remedies … and you never have to do it again!

Used in conjunction with Alocit for remedial coating on the pipes themselves, Enviropeel is the perfect solution. Flanges and valves across the world are being preserved using Enviropeel, extending the lives of aging structures and preventing problems in new builds.


It may sound like it’s too good to be true but the evidence shows that Enviropeel’s tough, corrosion-inhibiting system will protect for the lifetime of the system and, because Enviropeel can stop existing corrosion with minimal preparation, the results are amazing.

Read more about this and other outstanding corrosion solutions on our white paper and case studies pages

Enviropeel on pipeline

This gas pipeline in S.E.Asia had coating failure on pipe surfaces and corrosion in the flange bolts. Solved using a combination of Alocit and Enviropeel

Enviropeel and Alocit on pipeline
Yellow Enviropeel
Complex substrate

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