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Enviropeel Advanced Reliability Solutions manufacture and supply a range of uniquely effective coatings and maintenance systems that can dramatically reduce costs for a wide range of industries in the most challenging environments.


As a leading international corrosion prevention and maintenance technology provider, Enviropeel is continuously looking for ways to serve our customers. Our current family of products includes the Enviropeel thermoplastic anti-corrosion and ingress prevention systemAlocit underwater coatings, and the Rubberloc conveyor belt repair system.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Enviropeel has its own manufacturing and training center providing equipment and services for the Americas and worldwide.



The Enviropeel System was the first system of its kind in the world. Its innovative approach allows active protection to be applied on site and on to objects of any shape or size. Slow release corrosion-inhibitors, a tough, impermeable barrier coating and ease of application open up new possibilities for long-term protection in wide range of industries. 

Enviropeel bearing protection

A solid at normal temperatures, the Enviropeel material is melted in a computer-controlled application unit allowing it to be sprayed on to any substrate, forming a perfectly fitting ‘second skin.’ The system prevents the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants into static and rotating systems such as bearings, eliminates corrosion in marine environments and prevents the deterioration of stored components and equipment.


Enviropeel users can reliably expect equipment lifetimes to be extended by 500% or more.

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The Alocit 28 series of underwater coatings consistently outperforms expectations with its ability to provide hard-wearing long-life protection for structures in marine environments. Easy to apply using standard equipment, Alocit can be applied to wet or dry substrates - even underwater - providing up to thirty years of protection.

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Diver applies Alocit underwater

Alocit is a zero VOC, 100% solids, two-component epoxy that is uniquely engineered to give outstanding adhesion and durability using a specially adapted resin manufacturing system. No other coating is made like Alocit.


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Damaged conveyor belt
Rubberloc repaired conveyor belt

Rubberloc is a fast, permanent repair system for cuts, abrasions and holes in rubber conveyor belts. Unaffected by oil, grease and water, with easy surface prep and application, Rubberloc allows for normal use of conveyor belt in as little as one hour.


Next-level Infrastructure Protection


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