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With built-in corrosion-inhibitors and a tough impermeable barrier coating, Enviropeel prevents the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants in rotating systems such as bearings, prevents corrosion in flanges and bolted systems and protects stored equipment. Enviropeel applications have eliminated failure rates in stored assemblies and significantly increased equipment and component lifetimes.

Enviropeel installation on a bearing and shaft

Enviropeel Ingress & Corrosion Control System

Fantastic Savings, Increased Productivity

Enviropeel bearing protection increases operating lifetimes by more than 500%, with enormous savings in bearing costs and the extensive labor associated with replacement. Stored bearings can be coated with Enviropeel, as this protects the bearings during storage as well as after installation. Storing protected bearings ready for installation greatly simplifies the process, adding to the cost-effectiveness of the system.

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Training and Performance

Enviropeel’s training and performance element focuses on the management of process knowledge information, such as substrate identification, environmental conditions, and application procedures. Accurate, understandable and retrievable process knowledge by employees who are responsible for implementation helps ensure that all necessary steps within a process are completed to meet specified requirements. In addition to process knowledge, developing necessary skills of the workforce to properly execute the instructions contained therein provides assurance that the work conforms to specified requirements.

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