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Enviropeel plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining the essential components of our modern lives

Power generation, oil, gas, coal, and water are all key elements for the home and the workplace. Pipelines, power lines and renewable energy infrastructure are all exposed to the elements and must be protected to ensure continuity of supply and for the protection of the environment from contamination.

For power generation and electrical transport systems, it is not only important to protect infrastructure and control systems from failure through corrosion, but ozone-destroying gases contained in crucial high voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) must be contained to prevent escape to the environment. Enviropeel is uniquely effective in preventing gas leaks from GIS systems.

Flange joints, end plates and hatches all have the potential for gasket failure through corrosion. Sealing them off from the environment using Enviropeel prevent accidental releases from occurring.

Applying Enviropeel on substation
Base bolt protection


On land-based wind farms, huge bolts are set in concrete to hold the enormous turbine towers in place ... and these bolts must maintain their strength in order to prevent collapse. Water streaming from the tower pools at the base, risking corrosion. Enviropeel ensures that the bolts maintain full function, resist corrosion and retain their ability to be retensioned as the towers flex in the wind.

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