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Introducing Enviropeel into manufacturing processes increases equipment uptime, reduces safety hazards due to premature equipment failure and lowers overhead costs

Manufacturing facilities have many moving parts, both literally and figuratively. Maintaining the integrity of bearing seals in areas with high-potential for contamination is essential for keeping up with production and minimizing downtime due to equipment failure. Corrosion too can affect complex machinery with moving parts at risk of failure and support structures weakened.


On production lines, dust, debris, chemicals and water find their way through bearing seals and on to bearing surfaces, contaminating lubrication and accelerating wear. In heavily contaminated environments, such as on building product conveyors with high levels of cement dust, bearings can disappear under debris, with bearing failures occurring in a few weeks. Cleaning these areas can make matters worse, water jetting can force debris into the bearing seals, further damaging already compromised components.

Enviropeel is uniquely designed to create an impermeable barrier to ingress, built-in lubricants even allow shaft rotation within the protection. Its perfectly-fitting waterproof barrier coating provides perfect protection against ingress and corrosion.

Contaminated bearing

Arkansas Drywall Manufacturer Gets More From Enviropeel Protection

Enviropeel keeps drywall manufacturer running at peak production with exceptional protection of conveyor bearings.

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Roller bearings with Enviropeel

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