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Fast, permanent repair for cuts, abrasions, and holes in rubber conveyor belts

Rubberloc is a two-component, rapid cure system that can repair a wide range of wear, impact and tear damage, as these images show. Holes can be filled, tears repaired and edge damage restored  – with minimum delay and cost.

Unaffected by oil, grease and water, Rubberloc provides uncompromising solutions in the toughest environments. With rapid cure time, easy surface prep and application, Rubberloc allows for normal use of conveyor belt in as little as one hour. 

Rubberloc conveyor belt repair
Rubberloc conveyor belt repair

Outstanding adhesion, durability and abrasion resistance dramatically increase conveyor belt service life. RubberLoc can be used on longitudinal cuts, skid board abrasion zones and thru holes.

Each kit can repair a 12″ by 4″ hole in a 3/4″ belt, and comes with all the essential components for a fast, permanent repair:

Rubberloc box and cans
Before ...
After ...
  • Rubberloc material

  • Surface cleaner

  • Adhesion primer

  • Application tool

  • Stir stick

  • Full set of instructions.

Everything you need in the box

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