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Enviropeel Ingress & Contamination Control System

Enviropeel equipment is designed and manufactured in the US to deliver the perfect application package for the company's exclusive Enviropeel material. With patented heating technology, high mobility and state-of-the-art control and application systems, it can protect all types of substrate, large or small, offsite, on site or offshore.

The Enviropeel material is a high-performance thermoplastic with built-in, slow-release inhibitors that last the lifetime of the application. Spray-applied, it cools and contracts on to the substrate to form a long-lasting, perfectly-fitting barrier coating with high UV resistance and flexibility.

enviropeel protected bearing
Enviropeel unit

The success of Enviropeel is based on its ability to prevent any kind of contamination affecting the protected substrate. Whether it is dust creating wear in bearings or salt water creating corrosion in bolts and bolted assemblies, the secret is in the unique properties of the Enviropeel material and application methodology.

enviropeel protected bearing

The slides and video above show the principals of the protective mechanisms. For more information on bearing protection, click the image on the left. For more information on corrosion control, click the image on the right.

For specific case history, technical information and safety data, go to our resources pages.

rusting wellhead

Next-level Corrosion Protection


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