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ConocoPhillips-NACE Technical Project Review


This NACE techical paper, written in conjunction with ConocoPhillips is an in-depth review of Enviropeel anti-corrosion performance in extreme conditions.

Understanding Enviropeel


Enviropeel is a unique reusable thermoplastic anti-corrosion barrier coating system that has been proven to reduce the costs of corrosion and wear by up to 93%!

Bearing Protection


How does Enviropeel perform so well on bearings? This White Paper has details and statistics on what causes bearing failure and how to prevent it.

Enviropeel FAQ

We get asked a lot of questions about Enviropeel material and equipment. This document has a range of the most frequently asked questions with all the answers you need.

Building Products 


Inadequate lubrication and contamination is responsible for 80% of bearing failures on production lines. This study looks at some of the statistics and highly effective solutions.

Flange Protection in the North Sea


Enviropeel has been successfully protecting flange bolts on offshore platforms around the world for many years. 

Nace Paper
case study
case study
case study
case study
case study

Aggregates & Mining


A brief overview of the reasons for using Enviropeel in the mining industry together with information on significant reductions in cost and risk exposure.

Shell FPSO


A pictorial report on an multi-substrate application for a Shell / Esso / Total / Agip joint venture deep-water project for the Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company.

Ingress Protection


This paper describes a long-term test of the performance of Enviropeel in preventing water ingress. The photos tell the tale ... no ingress, no corrosion, outstanding!

Standby Equipment & Mothballing

A short document outlining the advantages of using Enviropeel for the protection of stored equipment and components. How to make sure the equipment you need is ready when you need it.

Submerged Pipeline Test

We can't stop hurricanes and flooding - but we can mitigate the damage they cause. This test followed the progress of Enviropeel protected flanges on an access well in Orange, Texas.

case study
case study
case study
case study
case study

Next-level Bearing Protection


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