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Enviropeel protects equipment so well and saves companies so much time and money that they wish they'd called sooner.

Enviropeel has a reputation for going above and beyond ... and nothing exemplifies how far it can go than its use with rotating equipment in extreme environments.

In mining operations, rotating equipment such as conveyor bearings are highly susceptible to damage from ingress, contamination and premature failure. In Australia, bearings on large conveyor systems carrying iron ore for BHP Billiton and salt for Rio Tinto were failing, on average, every 9 months from the effects of accumulated debris and saltwater contamination.

Following outstanding results from the introduction of Enviropeel protection on stored bearings for the same companies, a trial was started using Enviropeel on operational bearings in contaminated areas. The effect was immediate ... once Enviropeel was used to protect the bearings, none of them failed. In fact, four years after the first use of Enviropeel not a single protected bearing had failed or shown any sign of wear. Twelve years later, Enviropeel protected bearings were still fully operational.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Enviropeel coating of bearing housings has been adopted as standard practice by BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto for use on their conveyor systems in Australia.

The material is sprayed over the housings and seal areas, up to and completely around the shaft ... allowing the shaft to rotate within the coating. This doubled the effectiveness of the barrier, providing corrosion protection and an additional barrier against contamination ingress, effectively an ‘extended labyrinth’, on to the shaft.

enviropeel diagram
enviropeel diagram
enviropeel diagram
enviropeel diagram

Enviropeel provides our customers with the ability to extend component life, avoid expensive double handling, significantly reduce maintenance as well as down-time costs and dramatically reduce the exposure of people to risks associated with working with this type of equipment.

Enviropeel protected bearing in heavily contaminated conditions

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