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Enviropeel protected bearing

The company employs more than 2,500 people, generating a revenue of more than $1.5 billion a year producing 1.5 million square feet of fiber-board products per day, more than enough for 750 average-size US family homes.


The slurry used in the production of the fibre-board wreaks havoc on the thousands of bearings which the company uses in the manufacturing process. With some bearings experiencing failure in as little as two weeks, it is not surprising that engineers were seeking to find a solution to this expensive problem. As well as the slurry, paint sprayed onto the product as part of the manufacturing process also contaminated hundreds of the company's bearings.

Heavy contamination

Enviropeel protects bearings from high levels of slurry on production conveyors

Enviropeel USA helped a building products company to preserve bearings being replaced an average of 8x a year, reducing bearing replacement costs by 74%.

After contacting Enviropeel USA, a full scale trial took place which showed that the Enviropeel protection performed brilliantly, with all bearings working perfectly for the duration of the test. Company engineers removed the Enviropeel to examine the bearings and were so happy with the results that they ordered more equipment, material and training to increase their Enviropeel application capacity.

In the short-term, the company’s reliability engineers have conservatively scheduled the bearing exchange and protection program at 50% of the original replacement rate, a savings of $73,000 a year. However, Enviropeel USA expects the savings to grow much higher as Enviropeel proves its worth. After all, Enviropeel has shown a greater than 500% increase in bearing lifetimes on other similar plants and we would expect the same here.


Based on data provided by the company, the changeout rate is expected to be no more than every six months, which is a saving of $113,100 a year, reducing the overall bearing replacement cost by 74% to just $40,100 (historically costing approximately $153,200).

Costs  reduced by 74%





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