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Enviropeel keeps drywall manufacturer running at peak production with exceptional protection of conveyor bearings.

Enviropeel performed several applications on a range of bearings at this Arkansas drywall manufacturing facility. If you have ever cut into drywall, you will know what gypsum powder is like, it gets everywhere – including into the bearing seals of the manufacturing plant. The photo above shows how much powder accumulates around each bearing. As this plant manufactures approximately 1200 square feet of drywall per minute (enough to complete seven homes every hour), there is huge amount of bearing contamination and, without protection, a huge amount of contamination, wear and tear.

As you can see in the images, a newly installed bearing is vulnerable and could fail within weeks without protection but, as the second image shows, sealed within the Enviropeel cocoon, there is no possibility of ingress - and failure rates are significantly reduced. Bearing lives are typically increased by an average of 500% using Enviropeel but, in the case of extreme contamination, rates of over 1000% have been achieved. The bottom picture shows how much powder would be on the rotating shaft if it was not protected with Enviropeel - and if it gets on the shaft, it will get into the bearing!


You’ve heard it before, but (we think) it is worth repeating – unprotected bearings in a facility like this will fail much sooner than they should, causing production loss and endless replacement costs. So, it makes good financial sense to protect them with Enviropeel.


bearing before application
bearing after enviropeel application
dirty bearing
enviropeel protected bearing



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