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Customers who have experienced the difference Enviropeel can make at one place of work may bring that experience with them to a new employer, just like at this battery recycling plant.


A new maintenance manager at a major battery recycling plant located in the southern part of the United States saw the problems they were having with severe bearing contamination from lead dust and other debris, as well as corrosion caused by battery acids and the neutralizing process, thought it would be a perfect opportunity for Enviropeel E170 to test its metal.


He had worked with bearings under stress from high levels of contamination and had seen huge increases in bearing life when Enviropeel was used, so it was a no-brainer for him to introduce Enviropeel at the recycling plant. Because of site conditions and consequent permitting requirements, a service organization that already works at the battery recycling plant will be implementing the Enviropeel protection. Working with third-party applicators or training staff to use Enviropeel equipment within a facility plays a key role in providing Enviropeel services wherever they are needed.


Battery recycling

Battery Recycling Plant Turns to Enviropeel for Contamination Control

Great news for Enviropeel and the environment – lead batteries have the highest recycling rate on the planet at more than 99%, so anything Enviropeel can do to increase the battery recycling plant’s efficiency is good for all of us.

Lead batteries have the highest recycling rate of any waste product




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