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Enviropeel supports the industries that keep the world moving and companies innovating.


Enviropeel shows its true potential when used in mining operations where rotating equipment, such as conveyor bearings, are highly susceptible to the effects of ingress from contamination and debris. Enviropeel eliminates premature failure in bearings, increasing lifetimes by an average of 500% with enormous savings in downtime, maintenance and replacement.


Enviropeel is weatherproof and specially-formulated to resist high-levels of UV exposure. With active corrosion inhibitors and the ability to apply tailor-made barrier coatings to objects of any shape or size, all areas of the marine world can benefit from the implementation of Enviropeel protection.


Many facilities jet wash their equipment to remove dust, debris and chemicals. Under pressure, water finds its way inside bearings and components, carrying the particles into the system. At the same time, water contaminates bearing lubricants, increasing friction, decreasing performance and accelerating the risk of bearing failure.


Enviropeel’s experience with offshore facilities has shown that it can offer protection to the whole system – bolts, nuts and flanges. Instead of seized nuts and rusting valves, every component is immediately ready for use, flanges free from the tell-tale staining of streaming rust – and from the danger of failure that such corrosion brings.


Any structure constructed with multiple components and secured with bolts has corrosion accelerating properties built-in. Connecting surfaces and voids promote crevice corrosion, differing metals bring galvanic corrosion and coating damage during assembly allows corrosion into the system from the start. Enviropeel solves such problems with a single application.


Power generation, oil, gas, coal, and water are all key elements for the home and the workplace. Pipelines, power lines and renewable energy infrastructure are all exposed to the elements and must be protected to ensure continuity of supply and for the protection of the environment from contamination.

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