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Problem Solving Using Alocit


A short introduction into the unique problem-solving characteristics of Alocit coating products. What makes them different from other coatings and what makes them so useful?

Coating Oily Surfaces

Using a coating on oily surfaces is not usually possible. Yet, even the contractor was amazed to see how Alocit could be used on oil-soaked concrete to restore coating performance for this bund wall.

Coating Wet Surfaces

The ability to apply a coating on wet surfaces can lead to significant cost savings, as this case study shows. Using Alocit after water jetting produced a 50% time saving according to Shell engineers.

Pipeline Repair

Gas pipelines at this power station had tape wrap failing and corrosion spreading rapidly. With wet piping from high humidity, Alocit was the perfect solution for recoating and preservation.

Rail Bridge in Winter

Refurbishment works were being held up by icy wet conditions with ice melting on to blasted steel surfaces. The only possible solution for the contractors was to use Alocit on the freezing substrate.

Alocit case study
Alocit case study
Alocit case study
Alocit case study
Rail bridge in winter

Splash Zone - Offshore

Miscalculations in the design and installation of this gas platform meant that the legs had to be partially recoated. The splash-zone application was in an environmentally-sensitive area.

Splash Zone - Gulf Coast

A case study about the successful adoption of Alocit by a Gulf Coast Contractor for use in underwater, wet and splash-zone areas on structures around the Gulf and into the Caribbean.

Sweating Pipes

Chilled water cooling lines on this world-famous landmark building were constantly dripping with condensation. Alocit was brushed directly on to the wet pipelines to protect them from corrosion.

Waste Water Plant

Thirty years is a long time ... but for Alocit, it is like yesterday. This case study describes a waste water application where, thirty years after application, Alocit was still in great condition.

Pile Coating

Steel and concrete piles can really take a hammering. For customers around the world, Alocit is the only answer for remedial works to wharf and jetty structures.

Alocit case study
Alocit case study
Sweating pipes
Alocit case study
Alocit case study

Next-level Corrosion Protection


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